Just spell out the letters and words:

O Trap Serve Be Zap = Another beer

Tent Go Ham Bread = I’m Hungry

Puck E Two = A little, a few

Moo Chop = A lot, much

Done The Star Elle Van E O = Where is the bathroom

Bam Us A By Lark = Let’s dance

S Toy Bow Rap Chaw = I’m wasted, I’m drunk (female)

S Toy Bow Rap Chow = I’m wasted, I’m drunk (male)

Free Hall Eat Us = Little beans

On Us Tacky Eat Us = Some tacos

Moo E Calling N Tea = Very hot

On Us Web Eat Us = Some eggs

Kerry CO. = Delicious

No Law Z = I don’t know

Bend Pack Up Papa Sea Top = Come here, baby

Bet Sammy Moo Chop = Kiss me a lot

Manny Anna = Tomorrow

Poor Fab Our = Please