At Esperanto Traducciones we offer an interpreting service (oral translation) in the English language (English-Spanish, Spanish-English). Listed below are several of the current types of interpreting, which you can use as a brief guide to find out what you are exactly looking for:

Liaison or Escort Interpreters 
This type of interpreting does not require technical equipment. The interpreter escorts the client during a conversation, in the course of which speakers make a short pause after each sentence for the interpreter to be able to translate.

Whispering Interpreters (Chuchotage)
It does not require technical equipment. The interpreter whispers the translation of the speech to the client simultaneously. This type of interpreting is commonly used when the listeners are in a minority regarding their language.

Consecutive Interpreters 
It does not require technical equipment. The interpreter waits for the speaker to make a pause, takes notes and translates after him or her.

Simultaneous Interpreters 
It requires specialized technical equipment (sound-proof cabin, microphones, earphones, etc.). The interpreter translates simultaneously, rendering their interpretation while still receiving the source message from the speaker. Simultaneous interpretation is mostly used in conferences, television, radio or big events, to deliver a message to a wide audience.

Telephone or Online Interpreters 
It requires technical equipment, given that the interpretation is rendered either via telephone or in a private chat room (Skype, Messenger, etc).

Sworn Interpreters
Sworn interpreting can only be carried out by Sworn Interpreters who have been authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and they are responsable for interpreting in trials. Esperanto Traducciones does not at the present time this service.

Request an interpreting quote without any obligation or cost. To do so, send us an e-mail to specifying the type of interpreting that you need, the date, place, content and length of the interpreting assignment, as well as the number of interpreters that you require and any other piece of information that you may consider relevant.